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So The Answer is in the 10 Commandments

Gods Global Positioning System (GGPS)

Hello, with the urbanization of our cities, it has become more and more complex to navigate around our streets and cities without getting lost; as such the GPS has become a very important tool in our daily lives. Yes The Sustainer and Arthur of all life gave humanity a GGPS which has been overlooked and disregarded by many of us. My father, Mola Samba has done a wonderful job in explaining and simplifying God’s Global Positioning System (GGPS) in a more practical and applicable manner, which will help erring humanity to extricate themselves from the complexities of the web or maze in which majority have immersed themselves into. This piece of work is also available on Amazon under Mola Samba. Get your copy right now! I am fully convinced that it is a game changer of profound recognitions in our wanderings through creation and the answer to all our problems. Ikome Monono.


If you were from advanced alien species watching the affairs of humanity from a vantage point you would probably think that we are a primitive species. You’ll shake your head at how human beings have turned all the gifts of life into oppressively chaotic realities. In comparison with the heavenly experience of life on your planet you’ll wonder how these human beings can possibly complicate the inherent simplicity of life. Lying, stealing, killing, jealousy, envy, greed, gluttony, etc., plague all aspects of human life, from the macro to the micro.


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