If you were from advanced alien species watching the affairs of humanity from a vantage point you would probably think that we are a primitive species. You’ll shake your head at how human beings have turned all the gifts of life into oppressively chaotic realities. In comparison with the heavenly experience of life on your planet you’ll wonder how these human beings can possibly complicate the inherent simplicity of life. Lying, stealing, killing, jealousy, envy, greed, gluttony, etc., plague all aspects of human life, from the macro to the micro.

What happened to us? Where did we go wrong? And how can we rid ourselves of this spiritually tiresome burden? Time after time many leaders, speakers, gurus, doctors, scientist, coaches, etc., pop on the scene with ideas and practices that are supposed to liberate humanity from the sultry mire. They gain fame and fortune yet humanity struggles with the same old problems. Where did we go wrong and what can bring us back to true humanity? The 10 Commandments of God Almighty, The Creator of life! They have been with us all along, but the teacher can only teach when the students are ready. Are you ready?

These commandments, brought down by Moses, have not produced their promised fruits for they have never been rightly grasped by human beings. They have been overlooked in their simplicity by high sounding and arduous theories and philosophies. The commandments are not a set of rules given to humanity by a jealous and ego driven God. As illustrated in this book, they are deeply rooted inexorable laws of Creation, simplified to the form of practical ideas to be applied to daily life. As expressed in the Grail Message, true freedom comes from living in the laws of God. Mola Samba does a masterful job of relating these sacred laws that have never been rightly understood in their pure simplicity, in the form of the 10 Commandments of God Almighty.

The most important words ever written are the Ten Command­ments. These words changed the world from the days of Moses, and they are still changing it today.

“SO THE ANSWER IS IN THE 10 COMMANDMENTS” explains the 10 Commandments and how to follow them in a way that makes practical sense, and shows you how to apply them daily in a deeply personal way, not just to your external behaviors, but also to your heart.

Throughout my life I have belonged to several different religions, and over time have matured into becoming a Cross bearer for Christ. I have studied the 10 Commandments for years and have a deep conviction that I should share this knowledge for the benefit of people everywhere.

God has always intended that His law be kept in its fullness within the human heart. The Ten Commandments are the guidelines of the behavior God intends you to have toward Him and toward all people. They are God’s instructions to human beings on how to live a good life and get to Heaven after you die.

My hope is that you embrace them and follow them every day, and let them fill your Heart, Soul and Spirit like they have mine.

Yours in Christ,

Mola Samba

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